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Patch 1.03
« il: Mag 28, 2012, 09:24:56 pm »
Bioware annuncia il rilascio di una nuova patch - il 29 per PC e il 31 per Xbox 360 e Playstation3. Si tratta di correzioni a problemi di giocabilità.
Attenzione agli spoiler!!

Common to all Platforms:
-Fixed an issue where sometimes facial movement would not match the voice over if a hitch occurred
-Fixed an issue where taking cover in a certain area of Cure the Genophage mission would cause players to become blocked from progress
-Fixed Action mode so it will now respect difficulty if set in the main menu
-Fixed an issue where the player would always be walking forward instead of towards objective in The Return mission
-Fixed the Ultralight Materials SMG weapon mod in multiplayer so it correctly affects weapon recharge
-Fixed a rare case where the reinforcement pack purchases could fail and take currency without giving cards
- Fixed the issue where users logged off/disconnected during multiplayer gameplay would not log back in properly until their game is rebooted
-Fixed the issue that multiplayer Geth sentry turret flamethrower would endlessly repeat audio SFX
-Fixed various multiplay maps where a player could fall through the map during multiplayer gameplay
-Fixed the issue that using an ops survival pack consumable immediately before death could have no effect. It now works as intended
-Fixed the issue so the Falcon weapon in multiplayer no longer sometimes fire blanks
-Fixed the issue where enemies who were detonated with a biotic power while in stasis would become invulnerable
-Fixed the issue where Banshees who got hit with a rocket launcher would not play the correct death animation
-Fixed the issue where joining a match in progress while a Geth prime turret is active leaves the turret there for the remainder of the game. It now disappears.
-Fixed the issue when joining a match in progress while the host is performing a combat roll would play firing animation on the client for the host character, for the duration of the match
-Fixed an issue so Vanguards who are charging as they die are no longer being routed to the ground
-Fixed Host migration that would sometimes cause players to start on an incorrect wave
-Fixed the issue when a client quitting a match during deep bleedout causes muted/ducked audio to persist into next match
-Fixed the issue that when being revived at the same time as being executed would leave players in an T-Pose state
-Fixed the issue that when a Banshee takes enough damage to stop her charge state, her normal state is not immediately returned
-Fixed the issue where a player could enter a state when completing cover interactions near a ladder which could lead them to becoming invulnerable and unable to deal damage
-Fixed game hitching of 1-2 seconds at start of waves
-Fixed clients occasionally seeing nonstop firing visual effects
-Fixed evaded projectiles having an erratic course
-Fixed an issue where selecting resume after death could occasionally cause henchmen to not spawn properly
-Fixed weapon recoil that could become reversed with a Turian when stability mod and passive power present
-Fixed the cover slot in Meet the Diplomats mission would cause a player to become stuck
-Fixed Geth prime and harvesters taking headshot bonus damage when they shouldn’t
-Fixed shooting the atlas in the cockpit with a penetration weapon doing double damage
-Fixed the Kishock Sniper Rifle that would hit head bone (critical hit) on enemies that should not be possible, such as the Brute, Banshee and Ravager
-Fixed and issue where clients in cover cannot do any damage to targets at wide angles relative to the cover
-Fixed an issue where player can glitch their melee combo to only perform cover lean melee animations
-Fixed an issue where while dying in multiplayer, if the player pressed the prolong life button too quickly they could erroneously die
-Fixed an issue so Drell Adept Reave audio plays at full volume for all players
-Fixed an issue that an interrupt could sometimes fail to prevent a Cerberus engineer from building a turret
-Fixed a crash in conversations after Investigate Sanctuary mission
-Fixed an issue to prevent gear items from Rebellion DLC getting cleared between matches
-Fixed an issue so ammo consumables, such as cyro ammo, would not replicated from host to clients
-Fixed the Memory Leak going in and out of Multiplayer Menus
-Added feature to remove AFK players after a set amount of inactivity
-Added a cooldown to Ops Survial consumable
-Made ammo consumables insta-reload and damage bonus

PS3 Only:
-Fixed wrong DLC Text in the Trophy File
-Added Downloadable Content option to PS3 Main Menu

Xbox Only:
-    Fixed an issue where Mass Effect 3 soft locks in character screen if user unplugs Ethernet at “Checking downloadable content…” after accepting an invitation from multiplayer menu

PC Only:
-Fixed an issue where the Online Pass Activation screen would appear for users despite PC not having a need for an online pass
-Fixed the Galaxy Map search and rescue asset GUI not appearing when using eyefinity
-Fixed an issue where users could not scan on galaxy map when right-click is rebound
-Fixed an issue where having the PC hud (heads up display) (left shift) up when a player dies in multiplayer and revived would cause player unable to move and the hud to remain active
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